Solving Complex Problems with Artificial Intelligence
Quantworks is an artificial intelligence (AI) company that specialises in building AI powered computer vision solutions.


Solving Complex Problems with Artificial Intelligence

Quantworks AG is engaged in the development, marketing, and distribution of products and services in the field of data analysis and machine learning, specifically in deep learning.

We use deep learning frameworks to build computer vision applications.



AI Computer Vision

Computer vision is one of the most important applications of AI. Tasks include methods for acquiring, processing, analysing and understanding digital images or videos. Recent advances in computing power as well as in artificial neural network architectures allow for human-level performance in many areas. Our expertise in computer vision is designing and developing customised algorithms, including object detection and localisation. As computer vision specialists, we rely on TensorFlow™ to engineer and deploy our solutions.


Cloud Computing

Deep learning requires a lot of data and with that a serious amount of computing power. Today, thanks to cloud computing, a state-of-the-art high-performance infrastructure is readily available also for small companies. We have specialied in building on the Google Cloud Platform. Our expertise ranges from data acquisition, preprocessing, and storage, to modelling and the deployment of AI components. The Google Cloud Platform allows us to deliver scalable, serverless architectures. We also consult other companies on how to leverage the Google Cloud Platform for their purposes.

Google Cloud Platform

Google Cloud Platform

End-to-end Solutions

Building AI powered solutions doesn’t stop with developing an accurate model. We support our clients on the complete value chain of an AI project, from idea to launch. To add value in a real-world context, a model has to be embedded in a whole pipeline that includes the acquisition and preprocessing of the data as well as a visualisation of the results in a useful and understandable way. This is why we at Quantworks focus on building whole cloud-based end-to-end solutions, with the implementation in mind from the beginning. Our AI models are more than prototypes, they are ready to be deployed. And therefore ready to deliver insights.

We build end-to-end solutions rather than just prototypes.



Early Warning System for Flash Floods

Every year, floodings as a result of thunderstorms and heavy rain cause severe damages and casualties. The local and short-term nature of such weather phenomena makes it hard to predict which creeks and rivers are going to be affected to what extent. Due to climate change, extreme weather events are likely to increase both in frequency and severity. Quantworks develops an AI based early warning system for flash floods in order to give emergency forces a lead. Learn more

© Schweizer Luftwaffe/www.luftbilder-der-schweiz.ch
© Schweizer Luftwaffe/www.luftbilder-der-schweiz.ch

Real-time Media Analytics

Sponsoring broadcasted events is a billion-dollar business worldwide. Therefore, it is crucial to measure the effectiveness of a sponsoring campaign. What was the effective screen time for my brand? In which context did it appear? Together with which persons? Quantworks has built an end-to-end solution that answers these questions in real-time. Learn more

Source: Wikimedia Commons/Morningfrost
Source: Wikimedia Commons/Morningfrost

Combining best in class software, hardware and expertise allows us to address complex real world problems.



Antonio Oro
Antonio Oro

Antonio holds an engineering degree in data analytics from the University of Applied Science Zurich as well as a diploma of advanced studies in applied statistics from the Swiss Federal Institute (ETH) Zurich. He has more than 20 years of experience in quantitative finance and management consulting, serving clients mainly in data and analytics for risk management applications. As an entrepreneur, Antonio has also successfully founded and IPO’ed a company in the field of optical technologies.

Juri Sarbach
Juri Sarbach

Juri holds a Master's degree in economics and finance from the University of St.Gallen as well as the Certificate in Quantitative Finance (CQF) and is a Google Cloud Certified Professional Data Engineer. In the almost 15 years he has spent in quantitative roles in the financial industry, he has gained a vast experience in time-series analysis, stochastic differential equations, statistics, and risk management. Now he uses his experience in modelling non-linear relationships and his technical skills to develop and deploy AI-powered end-to-end solutions in the cloud.


We are looking for enthusiasts who want to make the world a better place (well, or at least bring smart AI solutions to life). Are you an AI engineer with spare capacity looking for freelance opportunities? An experienced data scientist interested in joining a start-up? A student in the machine learning domain eager to apply your skills in real life projects?


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